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Periodic Caustic Texture (C++, OpenGL)

Description: generating periodic caustics pattern in space and time

Overview: random (fractal) surface profile by filtering a three-dimensional white noise by a power law-like filter in space and a Gaussian-like filter in time

  • random height field generation based on frequency synthesis
  • smoothing in time with Gaussian filter
  • projection of the resulting surface (triangles) to the ground plane
  • Periodic Caustic Textures by Jos Stam
  • Frequency Synthesis of Landscapes (and clouds)

NVIDIA PhysX 2.x Engine (C++, PhysX, DirectX9)

Description: game like physics sandbox application, with data driven "levels" featuring the core components of the PhysX 2.X SDK

  • simple OO entity hierarchy
  • xml based scene description - meshes, textures, materials, actors, scenes
  • PhysX features – rigidbody, cloth + tearing, pressure cloth, softbody, joints, terrain, forcefields

Computational Fluid Dynamics (OpenFOAM)

Description: automatic CFD simulations in the OpenFOAM framework

  • the cases don't need any assistance from the user but for the initialization (flow parameters, geometry), all the tools are open-source
  • meshing – adaptive size and grading (bash and Python)
  • multi-step solution – steady-state running, coarse to fine mesh interpolation, transient running
  • bash based case setup and running

Patch Radiosity (Wolfram Mathematica)

Description: image synthesis based on light reflections off diffuse surfaces

  • divide surfaces into patches
  • calculate form factors between patches
  • solve linear system arising from the radiosity equation
  • Peter Schröder, Pat Hanrahan – On the Form Factor between Two Polygons
  • D.L. DiLaura – Nondiffuse Radiative Tranfer 2 – Planar Area Sources and Receivers
  • An-SeopChoi – Practical applications of form factor computation in lighting calculations

Autodesk Maya - Meshing (C++ API)

  • torus knot curve node
  • raw Bezier data to nurbs surface
  • raw Bezier data to polygon mesh
  • Gerstner waves

Autodesk Maya - RealFlow

  • melting script
  • modeling + pouring setup

Autodesk Maya - Python, PyQt

Description: Candy Crush Saga style game with Maya primitives

  • game logic scripted in python
  • mesh creation, key frames, shader setup in python
  • basic PyQt GUI